Good Vibes Only Neon Sign in Yellow - 120cm width - made by neon icons


Custom Made Neon Signs That Add Personality To Your Room

One of the best ways to add personality and a little something extra to your room is through custom made neon signs. Turn them on when your friends come over or use one as a nightlight. Either way, custom made neon signs will elevate your home and give you something to look forward to when coming home.



Since a custom made neon sign is made to your specifications, how do you choose what to get? Here are a few things to keep in mind.





The Right Colour

Custom made neon signs come in a wide variety of different colours. Pick a colour/colours that go with the existing colour scheme of your room. If the neon colours are a bit too bold for your taste, the safest choice is always a classic, white light.






A Catch Phrase

Neon signs can bring catchphrases to life! Is there something that you always find yourself saying? Or perhaps there is a quote that you live your life by? Whether it’s meaningful or humorous, neon signs allow you to bring your catchphrases to life!






Cohesive Imagery

If you want to go with an image instead of wording for custom made neon signs, go with imagery that is cohesive to your entire room and personality! Why not get your favourite food, icon, hobby, plant or flower put up in lights? Getting something that means something to you is always guaranteed to bring you joy!


custom neon sign in Pink - Nike Swoosh model pose





Get Something That Speaks To You

If you have an idea for a custom made neon sign that is completely random, but speaks to you and excites you, then forget all of our above advice and go for that! You can’t dismiss a good light bulb moment! Whether for houses or businesses, there is a neon sign to fit your needs!






Looking to get custom made neon signs for your room – in your house, office or restaurant?

Neon Icons create custom made signs to your specific needs, and include all the necessary accessories to go along with it. Click hereto create and order your custom made neon sign today.



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