At Neon Icons, our goal is to allow everyone the opportunity to express their creative passions and illuminate their home with custom, handmade neon artworks.
My name is Denis, and together with my best friend Eugene, we started Neon Icons in 2019 as a fun project from our garage. After looking online for an affordable and unique neon art sign, we were disappointed to find there was nothing that fit our criteria.
Every website we came across either charged ridiculously high prices, had horrible reviews, or sold the same “Open” neon sign that we see in every single convenience store. That’s not at all what we wanted. So we took matters into our own hands and decided to make them ourselves. 
What began with us creating a few neon signs for our home, quickly grew into something much bigger. We soon realized we would need a bigger team to help us manufacture the signs, and a website to be able to process all the orders.
Virginie joined us and we got to work, and believe us, it wasn’t easy. Renting a space, hiring a team, building a website, organizing everything from the best possible materials to shipping and logistics. But after several months and many sleepless nights, here we are.
We help our wonderful customers to make their very own neon artworks. We also create our very own neon artworks (beware of copies), in which we explore mass culture, celebrity, and art commodification.
Our bold LED neon x acrylic artworks provoke thought and blur boundaries between high and low culture. By integrating LED neon with acrylic prints, we challenge mass production, recontextualize familiar images, and question notions of originality. Our signs combine craftsmanship and technology, defying the perception of mass production.
Welcome to Neon Icons, home of handmade, unique neon artwork. Feel free to browse our website, ask us questions, and let us help you create your neon masterpiece.
Virginie, Denis, Eugene, & the Neon Icons Team