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Show off your personality and enlighten your home with this handmade and unique neon artwork. Bring the ambiance of the big city, with its bright lights and vibrant colours to your home, and illuminate your creative space.

Neon Sign Size Maximum Letters/Line Maximum Lines
60cm (2ft) 10 Letters 2 Lines
90cm (3ft) 14  Letters 3  Lines
120cm (4ft) 18  Letters 4  Lines
150cm (5ft) 22  Letters 5  Lines
180cm (6ft) 26  Letters 6  Lines
210cm (7ft) 30  Letters 7  Lines

Designed for consumers in mind, our neon artworks are made from LED Neon, rather than traditional glass neon. Our signs are more durable, energy efficient, and only take a fraction of the time to install, compared to traditional glass neon signs. Don’t believe us? Watch the quick video below.


  1. Neon Sign Customized to Your Specifications
  2. Power Supply and Adaptor
  3. Wireless Remote
  4. 12-Month International Manufacturer Warranty
  5. Digital Installation Video Guide  (Available on Each Product Page)
  6. Installation Screws


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